Poncelet/Possley Family History
Table of Contents

Origin of the Name

Historical Background


Belgium and Luxembourg
Battincourt area of Belgium's Province of Luxembourg

Family Origins

Family Tree

The Immigrant Ancestors:

John Nic Possley
________ _________
Angelique Carotte

Nicolaus Possley
Anna Steinbach

Joseph Possley
Magdalena Steinbach
Susan ______________

Francois La Fontaine
Anna Poncelet


Second Generation:

Children of John Nic Possley/______________

Children of Nicolaus Possley/Anna Steinbach

Children of Joseph Possley/Magdalena Steinbach/Susan___________


Third Generation:

Grandchildren of John Nic Possley/____________________ - UNKNOWN

Grandchildren of Nicolaus Possley/Anna Steinbach

Grandchildren of Joseph Possley/Magdalena Steinbach/Susan ___________


Fourth Generation:

Great-Grandchildren of John Nic Possley/_______________ - UNKNOWN

Great-Grandchildren of Nicolaus Possley/Anna Steinbach

Great-Grandchildren of Joseph Possley/Magdalena Steinbach/Susan _____


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